Jen Furer

Jen Furer

Personal Trainer

I am a mother of four, author, mentor, blogger and television talk show host who found fitness at forty after completing my first Power 90 (P90) challenge in 2004.

I have Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Guidance and Counseling and had a successful career in Information Technology Management, which I left in 2001 to focus on motherhood and volunteer work. Now in my mid 50’s I focus on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle strategies that promote growing young, healthy aging, and being a role model to the younger generation.

My approach to helping people achieve their long term fitness goals is a 3 step process: Mind, Habit, and Body.   Fitness is a journey not a destination, and my strategy is to help people stay on that journey through a combination of fun, encouragement, reinforcement, combined with effective exercise.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer 2018
  • ShapeUp NYC Group Fitness Instructor 2018
  • Awarded “Most Influential Teacher in Fitness” by the Filipino-American Educators 2014
Contact Information
Phone: (908) 301-9622