Delay the Disease (Parkinson’s)

This unique program addresses issues of everyday life — how to get in and out of a chair with greater ease, how to walk with better balance.

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Delay the Disease: Exercise Program to Fight Parkinson’s Symptoms

Research has shown that physical exercise improves symptoms of those living with Parkinson’s. Each class is different but over the eight weeks will incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular exercises to help soothe tremors, improve posture and gait, enhance vocalization and facial expressions and increase overall well-being.

Classes are for all function and ability levels and led by Y trainers certified in this specialized program.  Whether newly diagnosed or living with Parkinson’s for years, participants will benefit from the exercises, camaraderie and supportive atmosphere.  Free for full-facility members.  Free with an 8-week “On The Way” membership.

Questions? Contact Jean White at 908-301-9622 x246 or

Delay the Disease also Includes Free Water Exercise Classes!

Ai Chi is a 45 minute shallow water exercise class that combines deep breathing and slow broad movements.  The same exercises are done weekly in the same sequence.

The class is designed to improve balance, flexibility, core strength, and mental focus.  The warm water (88 -90˚) may help reduce spasticity and rigidity. Class participants may bring a helper or use the pool wall to support themselves.