Jeanmarie Hasiak

Personal Trainer

From a very young age, I’ve always been athletic and loved to do a variety of different things to keep my body fit – from playing varsity basketball, to running & high jumping in track & field and becoming MVP for Westfield High School my senior year, to continuing after graduating by taking Mixed Martial

Will Smith, Personal Trainer

Assistant Director of Physical Programs

As a Personal Trainer, I specialize in training runners, triathletes, and other endurance sport athletes. I have a diverse background working with a wide variety of people from special populations to serious athletes trying to maximize sports performance. I enjoy helping my clients achieve their fitness goals. I ran cross country and track for Rowan University, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree.  I am working towards

Lena Fagan-Nelson

Camp Director

I grew up and attended high school in Roselle.  I earned an Associate’s Degree in Sport Management from Union County College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  While in college I worked part-time at the Westfield Area YMCA.  After college I started full-time as a program coordinator.  Sports

Jen Furer

Personal Trainer

I am a mother of four, author, mentor, blogger and television talk show host who found fitness at forty after completing my first Power 90 (P90) challenge in 2004. I have Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Guidance and Counseling and had a successful career in Information Technology Management, which I left in 2001 to

Sara LoBue

Personal Trainer

I’ve been involved with sports my entire life.  I was a competitive gymnast for roughly 10 years – once finishing All-Around 5th in the whole state of New Jersey!  In high school I competed in gymnastics for a club team and the high school team.  I also played soccer.  Being active and healthy has always

Jenny Stanley

Personal Trainer

I started working in the fitness industry in 1991 as a group exercise instructor. In July 2007, I joined the Y’s team of instructors and have taught a wide variety of classes and formats over the years. When I became certified as a Personal Trainer in January 2015, choosing to train at the Y was

Rusty Browning

Personal Trainer

Rusty was a member of the Westfield Area Y when he needed more training for the Rugby Club that he joined in high school.  After working out more intensely, he realized how well he felt.  Working out developed into a habit that continued throughout his high school rugby years.  He loved it so much that

Walt Foster

Personal Trainer

I got the fitness bug early in life. Playing baseball, basketball, PAL boxing and karate set the table for a lifetime of fitness. While coaching a middle school basketball team, I took education courses in strength and conditioning for athletes which helped our players quite a bit. Through the Y, I train a fitness class

Leo Hoy

Personal Trainer

I’ve been a full-time self-employed contractor since 1986. But my passion for physical fitness and athletics inspired me to become a personal trainer. I earned my certification in 2013 and began working part-time at the Westfield Area YMCA in 2015. I can’t say enough about the Y. It’s an amazing place. It is much more

Kathy Robb

Assistant Director of Health & Wellness

I won a gym membership in college and haven’t stopped working out since! After graduating from Penn State with a B.S. in Finance and working for 15-years in the financial community, I decided to move away from corporate America and got certified as a Personal Trainer. My broad experience as a personal trainer ranges from