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Online Donations & Pledge Payments Coming Soon!

Program Registration Online

The Westfield Area YMCA offers online registration for most of our programs. You may register and pay for classes and programs from the convenience of your computer at any time. Registering online saves time waiting in line, allows you to reserve a spot before the first class, and helps you make registration deadlines. Please note that some of our programs will require you to visit our Member Services Desk to complete your registration. There is NO ADDED COST to register online.

Making Childcare and Program Balance Payments Online

All of your balances with the Y can be paid online; including Child Care and other program balances. We are working diligently to make our Annual Campaign pledge balances available in your online account to allow those dues to be paid.

If you are currently a member, you probably already have a login! Please use your email address to login or reset your password!