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Welcome to Camp

Join us for a jam-packed week of sports and team-building fun! This camp offers more than just your everyday sports. Campers are divided into age groups for team play.

General Schedule  – AM

8:30-9:00AM – Valet Drop-off on Ludlow Place

9:00-10:00AM  – Basketball Warm Ups & Fundamentals

10:00-10:15AM  – Snack Break

10:15-11:00AM  – Stationary Drills

11:00- 12:00PM – Team Drills & Scrimmages

12:00-12:30PM  – Gym pick-up

General Schedule  – PM

12:30-1:00PM – Gym Drop-off

1:00-2:00PM  – Basketball Warm Ups & Fundamentals

2:00-2:15PM  – Snack Break

2:15-3:00PM – Stationary Drills

3:00- 4:00PM – Team Drills & Scrimmages

4:00-4:30PM  – Valet Pick-up on Ludlow Place


What to Bring:

DRESS FOR ACTIVITY! Shorts, t-shirts, socks and sneakers are best. No open toed shoes, sandals or Crocs.

NUT-FREE LUNCH, SNACKS & WATER! We suggest a backpack and lunch box to store your non-perishable lunch, extra snacks and refillable plastic water bottle. Please label ALL belongings, and remember WE ARE A PEANUT & TREE NUT FREE CAMP.


Week 3:  College Hoops

Week 8:  NBA

Please feel free to call with any additional questions or concerns during camp hours at (908)966-9342