Y's Men's Club


The Westfield Area Y’s Men’s Club was established in 1953.  Our mission is to function as a service club for the Y and local youth by supporting worthy organizations. 


1.  Have fun – through the club you can meet people and make life-long friends. 

2.  Cultivate fellowship, integrity, and volunteerism – we believe that it’s important to give back to the community.

3.  Exhibit Mutual Respect – we are an inclusive club and welcome anyone who shares the above values and interests regardless of faith, race, origin or demographic categorization.

Fundraising and Volunteerism

Selling Christmas trees has been our primary fundraising method.  Since the beginning of the club, we have raised over $2,000,000 for community charitable grants.   At approximately three tractor-trailer loads per year, the number of trees sold by the Y’s Men would fill Giants Stadium!

Be a Member

To be a Y’s Man, we ask for 25 hours of your time to help staff Tree Lot operations and sales during the holiday season (Thanksgiving – New Year's) and $40 annual membership dues.

JOIN NOW!  Come check us out by joining us at our next Dinner meeting or contact one of the Y's Men's Club officers:

Brian Duggan, 908-232-6930 or dugganb@ymail.com
Scott Gleason, scott@luxuryhomesnj.com 
Steve Suriano,908-337-0076, ssuriano@aol.com
Scott Rodger, srodger@wpdnj.org