Healthy and vital communities often share one basic and outstanding characteristic -- they are home to a thriving community center like the Westfield Area Y.  The Y has been a good neighbor serving Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside and Westfield for 90 years.  The challenge lies in keeping a 1929 facility relevant to the present day.

We are delighted to announce that the Westfield Area Y Main Facility on Clark Street has entered the beginning phases of a capital campaign that will strengthen our community by increasing accessibility for all.  The campaign will focus on upgrading our facility infrastructure and ensuring ADA compliance.

Phase I
The first phase includes modernizing and replacing the existing entry ramp to ensure proper width, slope and landing points.  The ramp will directly access both a new elevator (which will provide service to the third floor) and an enhanced vestibule.  By achieving these tasks, all of our programs and services will be open and accessible to all members of the community, including the elderly, disabled and parents with young children in strollers.  We plan to complete this phase in Spring 2014.  

Phase II
The second phase involves constructing new ADA-compliant male and female restrooms on the second and third floors of the Main Y Facility.  It also involves installation of an enclosed emergency exit from the 2nd floor.  We will also enhance the emergency exit and below-level access to the Wallace Pool mechanical area, add storage, modernize the school age child care classrooms and upgrade the infrastructure to improve plumbing, heating and electrical efficiencies as well as the aesthetics.   This phase will be completed in 2014-2015.

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