Meet Our Staff

Below are just some of the many staff people who help the Westfield Area Y strengthen the foundations of our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. 

Click on a name below for a quick bio and picture so you can spot us in the hallways. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the Y!

Mark Elsasser
Chief Executive Officer
908-233-2700 x224

Paula Ehoff
Chief Operating Officer
908-233-2700 x228

Greg Puchalski
Chief Financial Officer


Amanda AguirreAssociate Director of Physical Programs, 908-233-2700 x258 or

Christine Alger, Public Relations & Advertising Coordinator, 908-233-2700 or

Lynne ApplebaumAssociate Director Health & Wellness/Membership, 908-233-2700 x239 or

Seth Berman, Director of Technology Management, 908-233-2700 x260 or

Janice A. Carthens, Senior Director, Membership/Quality Management, 908-233-2700 x227 or

Patti Cassiba, Aquatics Services Director, 908-233-2700 x223 or

Bonnie Cohen, Communications/Development Director, 908-233-2700 x240 or

Marty Collett, Camp and Youth/Teen Director, 908-233-2700 x405 or

Kathy DawsonDirector of Administrative Services, 908-233-2700 x225 or

Ashley Ellis, Assistant Director of Competitive Aquatics, 908-233-2700 x276 or

Rob FaggianoAssistant Aquatics Director, 908-233-2700 x276 or 

Paul Garwood, Assistant Director of Physical Programs, 908-233-2700 x258 or

Leo Gonzalez, Director of Marketing and Membership, 908-233-2700 x271 or

Brian GuideraCompetitive Aquatics Director, 908-233-2700 x263 or 

Greg Hatzisavvas, Senior Director Member and Wellness Engagement, 908-233-2700 x251 or

Barry Hinman, Assistant Facilities Director, 908-233-2700  or

Marla Itzkin, Assistant Director Communications and Marketing, 908-233-2700  x264 or

Steve Kralovich, Sports League Coordinator, 908-233-2700 x258 or

Clark Lagemann, Director of Facilities, Technology & Risk Management, 908-233-2700 x242 or

Sharon London, Assistant Aquatics Director, 908-233-2700 or

Maureen Martin, Human Resources Director, 908-223-8820 or

Shannon McGillis, Garwood Family Center Y Director, 908-301-1616 or

Melinda McHale, Assistant Director of School Age Child Care & Camp, 908-233-2700 x273  or 

Susan MortonSenior Director Child Care, Camp, Teen Services, 908-654-8460 or

Eileen Rooney, Preschool Director, 908-233-2700 x423 or

Karen Theiss, Child Care Director, 908-654-8460 or

Carolyn White, School Age Child Care Director, 908-233-2700 x248 or

Jean White, Health and Wellness Director, 908-233-2700 x246 or